Paper Christmas Tree

I got this fantastic idea from Pinterest, and made some as decorations for the holiday season. Even though it took a while, it was definitely worth it.



  1. Cut out 13-14 circles varying in size (however, if you are planning to make this project, you can use however many you need). My biggest circle ended up being approximately 3 inches wide, while my smallest circle was approximately 1 inch wide.
  2. Make 12 cuts per circle, about halfway toward the center of the circle (if you are using the template, cut to the line). Make sure they are equal distance apart; otherwise, the leaves will be uneven.
  3. Curl the leaves inward. This step took the longest for me. Toward the end, the circles were so small I ended up using a wire bender/clamp to do this. I was originally going to use glue or tape to hold the cones together; however, I soon found that if the paper was thick enough (I used cardstock), it would hold pretty well without any adhesive materials.
  4. Finally, glue a paper cone, or even better, a lucky star on top. Instructions for making a lucky star can be found here. Enjoy!

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