The Desk

Design is thinking made visual.

Saul Bass

Q&A with the author:

Q: How does this site work?
A: Turtledesk is a place where I post my ideas based on inspiration from the world around me. You can probably tell I am a DIY and quote fanatic as well!

Q: Do you have a goal for Turtledesk?
A: I love new visitors who are here to look for inspiration. My goal is to help future designers, studio artists, writers, or any composer seeking motivation find their passion.

Q: What is your favorite form of art?
A: All forms of art are outstanding in their own way. For example, I love how watercolor bleeds against the page and blends so easily, and how oil pastels can be rubbed together without a seam. However, I would have to say that I especially love the harsh, yet sentimental flavors of graphic design.