Hey there! I know I haven’t posted much lately, so I thought I’d share some of my acrylics with you! Usually I prefer digital art or sketching, but every so often I enjoy trying out a different medium. I painted a bird a couple of years ago, but the hot air balloons and the Latte paintings are more recent. It was a little difficult to mix the colors, but the great thing about painting in general is that it is very forgiving. As Bob Ross says, there are no mistakes in art—just happy little accidents!


The hardest part about this one was painting the clouds. I did enjoy painting the water and the hot air balloons, though.


For this one, I spent quite a long time trying to perfect the folds in the fabric. Of course, my favorite part was painting the Latte plush!


This painting is based on a photo of a black-crowned night heron I observed in Hawaii.

What is your favorite medium of art? Do you enjoy painting with acrylics? Have an amazing day!


The earth has music for those who will listen.

George Santayana

Hey there! I’ve been meaning to share this for a while now, but summer’s been getting in the way of blogging time. A month or so ago, in one of my posts, I briefly mentioned a pair of mockingbirds that kept coming back to my backyard. They are actually chirping as I write! Anyways, I eventually dedicated the above series of paintings to them. Although they haven’t built a nest yet, I’m still keeping my hopes up!

Oh, and guess what!? Another logo design—for the beautiful My Thoughts blog. I am most likely going to discontinue my offer for free logo design in a few weeks, so if you’re interested, contact me! Don’t worry, the offer will probably resurface again when I have more free time.

Painting Penguins

It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.

Joe Moore

Don’t you just love penguins? As you might already know, they place high on my list of favorite animals! I created this painting first by pressing my palette (with magenta, light blue, marine blue, and dark green acrylics) multiple times onto the canvas to reveal a textured surface. After creating these “accidental marks,” I painted the silhouettes of the nine penguins in the foreground. I like the way they turned out—they seem to be in deep conversation! Which is your favorite? I’d love to hear what you think!