One Butterfly

Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true.

Jacques-Henri Lartigue

You know those little magical moments, the ones for which you wait forever to catch a glimpse of—the ones that make time stand still for a few precious seconds, just long enough for you to breathe it all in? I experienced a series of such moments recently, when a monarch butterfly kept returning to my backyard. I just had to run outside and take some photos to share with you! Here are a few magical moments I managed to capture.

Have you ever experienced such a moment? I’d love to hear about it!

In addition to stumbling upon a spectacular butterfly, I had the lovely opportunity to design a logo for another fellow blogger—Darlene Reilley, over at DarWrites. She is a writer and teacher and is absolutely awesome. Go check out her blog!

16 thoughts on “One Butterfly”

  1. I love that you just gave in to the moment and went outside to capture the moment! So coincidentally, earlier this week I was out in front of my house, where we have a narrow “parking strip” planted with a couple of ornamental pear trees. I had the sprinkler on (one of those “fan” style sprinklers that rotates back and forth with a fan-shaped water sprinkling), and a tiny hummingbird flitted into the spray – hovering in it, like it was raining. It alighted on a branch of the tree and then spread out its wings slightly, as though taking a bath. This was all while the sprinkler would float over and back across its body. It took off and hovered, then landed on a different branch, over and over. I was delighted and fascinated – it was about 3 feet away, but did not seem to notice me. I was having a kick out of wondering what it was like to be that bird, one moment “in the rain” the next not, then rain again, etc. It seemed to be really enjoying the water – we’ve had nothing but dry weather for several weeks. I’ve seen hummingbirds before, but never for more than a few seconds, then they fly off. Fun! and Inspiring!

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    1. Wow, that seems like an incredible experience. I love watching hummingbirds, they’re so agile and purposeful. It must have really loved the sprinkler!! Wish I were there with my camera! 😊

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      1. Yes, it was stunning! I thought of that, but the bird’s coloring really blended with the colors of the pear tree’s leaves, so … it might have been a challenge. I was proud of myself for savoring the moment – usually I rush on. 🙂

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      2. You’re absolutely right! I love those moments where you come face to face with nature. Even if you can’t capture the moment, at least you’ll remember it happened.

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