Throwing Pottery

I do pottery. I love it. It’s very relaxing; it takes me to another planet.

Eva Herzigova

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to create pottery for the first time, and I’ve seen ceramics differently ever since! We started out simple, with bowls and cups (or cylindrical tubes, in my case). It was an extraordinary experience, and by the end I felt that my pottery had improved considerably. Shaping the clay was harder than I’d thought—especially at the beginning. I am grateful to have had a chance to try out a beautiful new form of art!

The cups have not yet been fired, but I will keep you posted. Are you a seasoned potter? I would love to hear any tips!


13 thoughts on “Throwing Pottery

  1. I love that you “threw” yourself (pun, ha ha) into something new. It takes nerve to try something that you are not good at (to start with) and to allow yourself to be in the awkward I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing phase. It’s much easier to stick with things we are comfortable doing. Wonderful! – and especially more so because it’s a physical thing, making pottery. So there is a process of building up muscle memory to become proficient at it. Very nice! Kudos! 🙂

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    1. Ha ha! I love trying new things, especially if they involve art. I agree; sometimes it can be hard. I had sculpted with clay before, and pottery did get easier after a while! 😊 Thank you for the lovely comment!

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      1. I was telling someone earlier today about my recent struggle to learn to play jazz piano, and how hard it felt to try to play chords in the left hand while at the same time playing the melody in the right hand and making the chord changes. I had to keep at it for quite a long time, but now I’m a couple of years into it, suddenly the chords come easier and I feel a fluidity I didn’t have before. It’s really interesting when that happens.

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