Desk Study

We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.

Bob Ross

A little abstract, maybe? This week, I was searching for something to draw when the thought came to me that various objects lying on my desk might make an interesting still life. I started with the pushpin, crosshatching lightly to create the shadows. I did my best to maintain the size of the eraser and the book, and ended up taking a photo with the original objects. As always, I am open to any suggestions. Enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Desk Study

  1. so fun to see everyday items (binder clip, etc.) hand-drawn. It reminds me that I’ve been doing an experiment this month where I find a small image and then draw-trace it onto a blank piece of paper, just to learn a little more about the shapes of things, and also to do something physical/visual besides writing in words. It always feels like a miracle when I look at what I’ve drawn and it resembles the original image quite a lot. This is wonderful!

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      1. Thank you for the encouragement! An illustrator friend suggested I try inking in the drawing after it was done, and that way I’d be reinforcing the physical memory of the drawing. So, I’m trying that! 🙂

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