The Art of Nature

Happy World Art Day, everyone! Today, as you may know, is Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday—and to celebrate after a 6-day quotedown, I’ve decided to share my all-time favorite quote from da Vinci (fitting, eh?)! Also… another milestone! Yesterday, my first guest blogger, greenfuzzyfrog, published a poem on Turtledesk! Guest blogging is something I’d definitely love to continue exploring, so please let me know if you have a sudden inspiration or idea and would like to do a guest post. But in the meantime, there is so much beauty in nature that goes unnoticed, and one of my goals is to recognize and appreciate it.

Human subtlety

will never devise

an invention more beautiful,

more simple or more

direct than does nature,

because in her inventions,

nothing is lacking

and nothing is superfluous.

—Leonardo da Vinci


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