My Favorite Online Drawing Sites

Companions! I made this using Krita, an amazing digital painting program that works extremely well with a drawing tablet. I normally sketch on paper instead of drawing digitally, but I discovered this new form of art recently and it’s opened a cool modern window!

I would also like to take this post to feature some of my favorite online drawing websites in case you don’t feel the need to download.

  1. Sketchpad 4.1. Some of these brushes are just like the ones I frequently use on Krita. Lots of options provide limitless possibilities!
  2. Google Drawings. Fairly simple, and not given enough credit. Many of my favorite graphic design pieces were made with Google’s versatile drawing website.
  3. Silk or Flame Painter. These are related programs that generate cool smoke-like brush strokes. Escape Motions also features several other drawing programs that prove to be unique as well.
  4. Muro by DeviantArt. There are some truly breathtaking brushes out there!
  5. Kleki. Less choices, but simple and sweet. And, you can save your drawing locally and come back to it later.

Hope you enjoyed checking these out, and feel free to tell me about your digital drawing journey. Thanks!


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