Bottle Cap Bike

Recently, my brother and I ordered apple juice with our meals from Chipotle (who doesn’t love Chipotle!?) and for some reason I decided to save the bottle caps. Eventually I realized I could incorporate them into a mini wire bike I was planning to make anyway. What a win-win; a cool project you can do with recycled materials!


  • 2 bottle caps
  • Wire
  • Pliers (optional)

I won’t list out steps because there are infinite ways to do this! The aluminum bottle caps from Nantucket Nectars worked really well because they were stiff and flat around the edges. Unfortunately, I don’t know how much wire I used, but since the structure of the bike is pretty small, I’m guessing I used about a foot and a half (at the most).

I started by looping one length of wire around the front wheel. Any starting point would probably work, but I did this so I could hide the end of the wire behind the cap. Then I twisted the wire to create the handle and extended it out toward the body. The crankset is a simple circle. With a second length of wire, I extended the structure from the crankset and created the seat (similar to the handle) and the pedal (coil the wire around itself several times). To create the rest of the frame, I folded the wire back towards the front and then twisted the end around the base of the seat.

The final step is to attach the frame to the caps. I used hot glue (which is very effective!), but liquid glue and tape also work well if your wires happen to be coated with plastic.

Hope you try this one out! I will try to publish more rambling posts on crafts and doodles as soon as possible!

Top left photo credit: Suzanne Chapman on Flickr.


2 thoughts on “Bottle Cap Bike

  1. I read a bunch of your posts. I really like your blog. Lots of good stuff, crafts, quotes and cool ideas. I’m following. Do you have an email sign up? I couldn’t find it but I’m on my phone so sometimes things are harder to find that way.

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