This is the first time I’ve responded to a daily prompt. However, this one seemed to inspire me!

The word “craft” can mean so many different things. Such a simple word brings out imagination, engineering, aesthetics, and love. The only way a project can turn into a craft is through your hard work and the love you put into it.

We can craft things through words. Or paper, or wood, or ideas! I am constantly inspired, and I strive to craft more often. The world consists of a million crafts, most of which we either don’t notice or don’t take the time to notice. Maybe everything in the world was once crafted by someone.

Or something. Celestial, maybe? Hmm.

Sometimes, we can create magical things without even realizing it, or without recognizing the value of our creativity. But the first step to creating something magical, or being unique, is being brave. Don’t be afraid to put those ideas out there. Let them stir themselves into something inspirational.

The ability to create something is a skill we are all born with. It is a skill we need to embrace, a skill that reveals itself to the world in an infinite number of ways. Imagination triggers craft, and craft in turn triggers imagination, opening up unlimited doorways of possibility. Craft is what my blog is dedicated to. So, today, I challenge you to craft.

Photo credit: August22 on Pixabay.


3 thoughts on “Craft

  1. I love this reminder of the continuous loop linking the belief that we are creative, courage to start creating even when we think we’re not inspired and then inspiration arising from the act of craft … and the trust of sharing what we’ve made with the world, not quite knowing it’s significance to someone else. Thanks for this reminder. I’m off to get out my oil pastels!

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